World Famous Blessed Mother Mary in Immediate Danger of being Decimated

Lombard, Illinois Jan 4, 2024 ( - Our Lady of the Cross Marian Prayers, it is with great sadness we report that as we start 2024 during the most terrifying time in human history, Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, IL along with the Archdiocese of Chicago have announced the following:

The Shrine of Jesus(The Cross), the Bloodstone which + 20,000s have visited over the last 32 years, will be moved to a new location temporarily. We have been informed that the Queen of Heaven Cemetery officials along with the Archdiocese of Chicago have determined it is necessary to remove these shrines so they can clear land for new graves and crypts.

A heartbreaking part of these tragic events is we will have to remove the beautiful Blessed Mother Mary Shrine and it will not be returning. The Blessed Mother Mary shrine was a second grace given from heaven to the faithful and devout when COVID-19 hit. This shrine has continually brought immeasurable comfort to adults and children over the years. It is the Blessed Mother Marys most innocent and precious little children who come to visit her along with their parents and grandparents during times of loss and illness.

The reason given for the demolition/desecration that we were given is they are blaming John, the caretaker and builder, of the Blessed Mother Shrine being built without their permission. Their silence and having spent zero on upkeep and maintenance of the site was permission! This is an insult to John who unselfishly was giving of his time, money, and talent, which they permitted. He never asked for anything from them. They could not even recognize him or congratulate him on a job well done. This beautiful shrine for the Blessed Mother is now targeted for demolition/desecration.

The current date for the move of the Cross, the Bloodstone, and the demolition/desecration of the Blessed Mother Shrine is some date after January 1, 2024. No hard date from the Cemetery at this point. There is no set date for the return of the Cross and Bloodstone.

Tim Trojanek 

Source :Miracles at the Queen Of Heaven Cemetery

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